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I am an Iranian programmer and software engineer. I live in Tehran, IRAN.

For last two years, I heavily have focused on Embedded system programming in general and security and alarm systems in specific. Currently, I work for SILEX Electronics Group.

I am the first and only representative of IRAN in C++ Standardization committee meetings. I participated at four meetings so far:

My main tool for programming is C++. In addtion to C++, I use C, Java, PHP and Javascript. Please note “Nobody should call themselves a professional if they only knew one language.”

My research and technical interests are:

Upcomming events:



Shahid Beheshti University, Department of Electronics and Computer, 3 February 2016 (14 Bahman 1394)

Modern C++ Programming: Current State and New Horizons

Seminar poster:

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Recent and previous seminars, courses and other activities (in reverse chronological order)

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You can contact me by e-mail, LinkedIn and cell phone:
sa AT saeedamrollahi DOT com
amrollahi DOT saeed AT gmail DOT com
Saeed Amrollahi Boyouki | LinkedIn
0912 548 0 140

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